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Justin.tv King of the Hill Invitational by GG.net

Justin.tv will sponsor a King of the Hill tournament. Sixteen players have been invited and will take part in the event. The total prizepool will consist of $100.

Non-private sponsors have become rare in today's StarCraft tournament hosting, but that doesn't mean that everybody has shut their doors. This has been proven by the streaming website Justin.tv by sponsoring the Justin.tv King of the Hill Invitational with a total of $100.

Many players have been invited and sixteen players got gathered together to play, alongside several back-up players if anyone cannot make it.
Those sixteen players are divided into two group à 8 players and two players from each group can advance to the semi-finals. But only those who make it into the finale will take home some of the money. $75 are reserved for the first place and the restly $25 for the second.

The first group is going to be played on Saturday, 28th May, 2011, while the second group is to be played a week after, on Saturday, 4th June, 2011. The semi-finals are scheduled to the same day, starting at 23.30CET, while the groups start at 19CET, each.
In this format two players will make the start and the winner stays. The next contender will be the next player on the list. This goes on for four hours in total and then two players advance. The player with the most wins, and the one who is the current king after those four hours.
The two groups and the invited players can be found ahead.

Justin.tv King of the Hill Invitational - Groups
Group A - May 28thGroup B - June 4th
Italy Nb.IamAlfioCanada NrG.DragOn
Germany LRM)KolllPoland SouthPark
United States LRM)SemihHungary sas.Kashu
United States Michael(OD)Macedonia LRM)OctZerg
Russia FR.BylatSweden LRM)OyA
Poland aFF]Sznycel[Romania Nb.FlaF
Germany LRM)BakuryuHungary sas.Ace
Peru Nb.TerroRNorway Nb.WhistleR.

The organization is taken care of by rD.Eywa- and LRM)Game while the streaming will be done by rD.Sayle via his justin.tv channel and the VOD's will be found on an according YouTube channel.

For the rules, mappool and a message from justin.tv about this event you can visit the according teamliquid.net thread.

teamliquid.net - Source
justin.tv - Sayle's livestream
justin.tv - Sponsor

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